Dr. David Sanders’ Interview with Science of Mind Magazine

An excerpt from Dr. David Sanders’ Interview
with Science of Mind Magazine’s
February Issue
Finding the Parallels: An Ancient Practice in Today’s World 
by Julie Mierau

“There are things that science may not be able to ever explain,” Sanders says. “The mystery is that there is mystery. Quantum entan- glement in physics — that an atom in one distant location is moving in tandem with its “sister” particle (known as “sparticles”) — can be observed in human relationships when an identical twin feels that something is going on with her twin sister at a long distance. These sister twins are like the sister particles, entangled through a mecha- nism as mysterious as the atomic sparticles.

Kabbalah calls this a soul connection. These examples from science and relationships help us to have awareness of interconnectedness beyond the physical to the unseen reality. This brings meaning and purpose to life when we begin to see the billions of events as moving in paths of synchronicity and inspire us to be entangled to live into Einstein’s proclamation that all of life is miraculous.

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  1. The Selected Poetry Quotes Showing 1-14 of 14
    “What is this thing called life? I believe
    That the earth and the stars too, and the whole glittering universe, and rocks on the mountains have life,
    Only we do not call it so–I speak of the life
    That oxidizes fats and proteins and carbo-
    Hydrates to live on, and from that chemical energy
    Makes pleasure and pain, wonder, love, adoration, hatred and terror: how do these things grow
    From a chemical reaction?
    I think they were here already, I think the rocks
    And the earth and the other planets, and the stars and the galaxies
    have their various consciousness, all things are conscious;
    But the nerves of an animal, the nerves and brain
    Bring it to focus; the nerves and brain are like a burning-glass
    To concentrate the heat and make it catch fire:
    It seems to us martyrs hotter than the blazing hearth
    From which it came. So we scream and laugh, clamorous animals
    Born howling to die groaning: the old stones in the dooryard
    Prefer silence; but those and all things have their own awareness,
    As the cells of a man have; they feel and feed and influence each other, each unto all,
    Like the cells of a man’s body making one being,
    They make one being, one consciousness, one life, one God.”
    ― Robinson Jeffers, The Selected Poetry

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