It is Graduation Time!

This weekend, we are hosting the Rosenbaum Fellows in Transformative Kabbalah for the culminating retreat of their Fellowship experience. We are thrilled to welcome David, Vanja, Matthew, William, Mina, Aaron, and Nicole to Colorado and to certify them as Teachers of Transformative Kabbalah.

It was a leap of faith to launch this Fellowship- and we are grateful we received the full support of our Board of Directors and community.

Last summer, we received applicants from all over the world (from Israel, Serbia, California, Chicago, Cincinnati, Pennsylvania and Longmont, CO). We engaged rabbis, yoga instructors, academics, educators, and people in other human-centered fields—all with a passion for and commitment to their own spiritual growth and leading innovative adult spiritual learning in their communities.

The Fellows participated in ten months of weekly study with David Sanders. They dove deeply into the first two years of the KE curriculum, and received mentorship in KE’s unique pedagogical approach to Transformative Kabbalah.

The Fellows are now prepared to launch Transformative Kabbalah groups in their home communities. KE thrived during the pandemic with the expansion of Transformative Kabbalah online learning, and we also believe that in-person is the best modality for learning and community-building. Our newest faculty will be the laboratory- to experiment and demonstrate how expansion works in new cities.

While we planned this cohort’s graduation, we accepted seven new Rosenbaum Fellows for the next cohort—from New Orleans, San Diego, St. Louis, Gainesville, Denver, Superior (CO), and Seattle. We cannot wait to introduce the new Rosenbaum Fellows to you!

It has been exciting to plan the culminating retreat for our Fellows and we are looking forward to celebrating with them this weekend.

We will be live-streaming graduation on Sunday, July 31st at 5:10pm Mountain Time on the Kabbalah Experience Facebook page–

We look forward to seeing you there.


Melanie, David, Mindy

and the Inaugural Cohort of the Rosenbaum Fellows in Transformative Kabbalah


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