Final Week! Counting of the Omer: Week 7 Malchut – Realizing Change

Untitled design 23 e1495641775584Week 7 Malchut: Realizing Change

The definition of Malchut is sovereignty and represents the final stage of the flow as reflected in manifestation or expression.

It is the stage of coming into actualization.

Our way of looking at the Sefirot flow has been the creation of a plan for change. Malchut then is actualizing our change. The past week of Yesod was a shedding of doubt. In addition to meaning manifestation or expression, Malchut also implies taking full responsibility.

The trek from the borders of Egypt culminated in this seventh week as the former slaves encamp at the foot of the Sinai Mountain. They are ready to take on the responsibility of an identity change—they will be unified as a people with a mission.

Day 43: Chesed in Malchut

As you embark on the change(s) keep mindful of the love you have for yourself and for others. This is what motivates the change and is confirmation that not only is change possible, it can be sustained by love. Today you experience love as you experience change.

Day 44: Gevurah in Malchut

Determination will keep change moving forward. A strategy of Gevurah is to already focus on a smaller accomplishment of the larger goal. I will take action today in the fashion I expect to maintain as my goal.

Day 45: Tiferet in Malchut

Now it is time to finalize the blueprint and though last week you believed with full integrity that you were committed to the plan you finalize it today. While the plan is not engraved in stone it is engraved in your heart (a change of heart may alter the plan).

Day 46: Netzach in Malchut

How will the change be everlasting? By removing any final obstacles to change—so look inside
and outside. Not just for now but anticipate what may loom ahead or spring up as you make the change concrete.

Day 47: Hod in Malchut

Taking a breather means to breathe in the change, to surrender to a higher calling and ready ourselves for the full actualization of our change.

Day 48: Yesod in Malchut

For each week’s Sefirah you can ask yourself on this day of Yesod, have I done the inner work
needed…to do the outer work? Have I laid the proper foundation—dug deep enough into myself to construct a new reality—a new me? Keep in mind that even a small change is difficult. You can fool others and you can even fool yourself that change is afoot.

Day 49: Malchut in Malchut

We now stand in our change—this is revelation having accepted the call. Engrave it upon your heart, upon your whole being. Your task—to grow and fulfill your potential. Be humble and be proud. Be present and await the next call in the still small voice that will rumble in at the foot of the mountain



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