Kabbalah and Coffee

With the start of the new semester we are offering coffee, tea and water for your convenience and enjoyment.  We discussed how we could do this in an environmentally friendly way, so know that thought is going into this.  The cups are Venti size—we call them Da’at size. You are welcome to bring your own cup.  It is one small step toward building community and we look forward to printing some “Kabbalah Wisdom” on each cup.

This past week we celebrated Purim. I read the Megilah (Book of Esther) in the synagogue to the cacophony of children and adults with their noisemakers drowning out the name of Haman as it is read aloud. I couldn’t help but reflect on the ‘noisemakers’ toppling other despotic leaders.  The external aspect of the holiday of Purim is all the hoopla—the noise, the inner dimension is what is underneath the masks that we wear.  Putting a mask on reveals that there are masks—already on.  Esther, the queen, may know she is hiding—but does she really know she is hiding until she has the choice to reveal herself or not?

So, we have to ask ourselves, who is ruling who?  Are we wearing the mask or is it wearing us?


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