Getting Personal

Why do we name hurricanes?  Does it make it more personal? I am not aware that we name tornadoes or earthquakes or tsunamis.  Would giving them a name make it more personal?  The devastation in Japan and for the Japanese people is still being uncovered in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami.  How do we deal emotionally and spiritually with devastating forces that are so impersonal?

With a goal of prevention, there are those who will look to explanations as a way to help understand underlying causes rather than cope with symptoms.  Arguments will be made how to build stronger, more resilient.  There is no way we can ever avoid natural disasters. They are a part of the system we call life, just as death itself is part of life.

Courage to face life, to continue in the face of devastation is the triumph of the human spirit.  And to feel the pain of those who suffer and yet will themselves to not only survive, go on and rebuild…homes and lives.  We have lost many brothers and sisters this week.  Feel their pain and experience their courage. Reach out to them through good thoughts, condolence and aid.  Get personal.

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