Kabbalah Experience Legacy Series gets boost from Challenge Grant from two of its long-time supporters, Jane E and Stanton Rosenbaum

Denver, Colorado, April 30, 2018

new challenge grant aimed at the preservation and distribution of the Kabbalah teachings of Dr. David Sanders, founder of Kabbalah Experience, was announced last week.

The commitment is to match every dollar donated to Kabbalah Experience, now through June 30, 2018, up to $25,000.  The goal of the campaign is to raise $50,000 to underwrite the production of three films of the core curriculum designed by Dr. Sanders. The “Kabbalah Experience Legacy Series” will enable the SOUL, SPACE & MASKS courses to be distributed to global audience via on-demand streaming online.

For 13 years, Kabbalah Experience has operated as a non-profit school based in Denver blending Sanders’ unique integration of mysticism, psychology and science.  This form of “Transformational Kabbalah” focuses on deepening spiritual experience by providing insight and practices to positively impact personal relationships, community relations and world peace. To do so, Dr. Sanders draws on 30 years of Kabbalah study and scholarship, combined with lessons learned from his psychotherapy practice.  The resulting Kabbalah Experience courses are mystical and practical, benefiting spiritual seekers who gain greater awareness of the energies at play in their lives and their unique purpose in the world.

Jane E and Stanton Rosenbaum, dedicated students of Kabbalah Experience, and Denver Jewish communal leaders, offer this challenge grant, “Because we want to share our experience and allow others to participate and benefit from the KE foundation classes which have had such a tremendous impact on our lives.”

To have your donation matched during the challenge period, please visit the KE website https://kabbalahexperience.com/make-a-donation/ or send a check to Kabbalah Experience, 2305 South Syracuse, #10, Denver, Colorado 80231 noting “Legacy Series Challenge.”

To receive information about our current and future classes, connect with us.

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