What Is Transformative Kabbalah?

Based in the thousand year old mystical Jewish tradition, Transformative Kabbalah helps you to grow in your awareness of self, others and the interconnectedness of all life. The ancient Kabbalah provides us with a complex map and energy system of how the “infinite” manifests in the finite, physical world. Transformative Kabbalah translates that wisdom into practices to be implemented in everyday interactions and deeper aspirations for spiritual growth.

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Kabbalah Experience

Kabbalah Experience inspires people to connect with themselves in greater awareness through a curriculum of the soul-to examine who they are and how they can be creative forces in the evolution of consciousness.

Morgan S.
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Taking classes at Kabbalah Experience has been a truly transformative experience. I took my first class almost four years ago and I am grateful for the insight, knowledge, emotional intelligence and growth I have gained as a result of my interactions with David, Melanie and my classmates. KE is a place for anyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc who desires to expand their understanding of their inner and outer selves as well as find a deeper connection to the world at large.
Andrew F.
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Kabbalah Experience features that rare mix of providing spiritual growth while making you see the world in a much more aware and clear way. Through regular classes and deep discussion, KE has helped me to develop my inner spirituality while providing me with a more clear and even way of viewing the world. I started as a beginner and have spent many semesters really learning and understanding the material. The classes are welcoming with a range of fantastic instructors and a gorgeous new facility conducive to both group and individual learning. Check it out!
Bettina K.
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KE changed my life. My relationships with my friends and family are now so much more fulfilling. But the biggest change is how I feel about myself. Now that classes can be taken online or at a distance using zoom, there’s no reason that anyone be excluded. If you want to make your life more meaningful, this is the place.
Michelle F.
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For anyone seeking spiritual growth and an expanded way to understand the world we live in today in a more positive and healing way, this is the place! I have taken classes for 4 years. The classes are lively, compassionate and meaningfull. Well worth the time and investment.