Nisan reflections

On March 22 at sunset, with the new moon, we mark the beginning of the Jewish month of Nisan.


Rosh Hodesh Nisan


A Poem by Melanie Gruenwald


While we are planting seeds

and sweeping corners

liberation taunts

the narrow thoughts that hold me back



the chametz that weighs me down

the seeds are


green bulbs just peeking above the freshly fallen



Waves knock me down as I rise again

my feet stuck in the murky earth

afraid that if I move too far ahead the past will no longer exist.



cloudy with hope and wonder



For this time is the first time this moment ever


for me

for you

and I

am floating with my people

across the sea.


Wading into the depth

wishing the waves knock me down

just one more time

so hard I can barely breathe


And yet I rise again

The timbrel still in my hand

A song

Just waiting

For we have lived these moments before

And yet they are each new




And liberation beckons.

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Randy Hammer · April 17, 2023 at 6:12 pm

Beautiful Poem, Haunting.

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