Of Humans and Angels

image001The moon was crescent to the south side—a Cheshire like smile illuminating the hidden, yet visible outline of its entirety. She was rising in the west, a guide to last night’s destination—another encounter with the spiritual medium, our speaker on unmasking the self, Rebecca Rosen.


Are we human beings on a spiritual journey or spiritual beings on a human journey? Rebecca might answer: Only our angels know for sure. The answer of Kabbalah is: Yes.


Last night, Rebecca Rosen joined us as the very human spiritual guide she is, revealing that in the past few months she needed to awaken to spirit. She described it as awakening from sleepwalking. “You can easily find that life has become mechanical—it is as if you are asleep and you need to awaken.”


In our studies at Kabbalah Experience we call it awakening to your masks. One of our masks is what I would call “this or that.” We are wired to choose this or that. Are we spiritual beings on a human journey? Yes, we are that. We wear our masks of compassion, pettiness, humility, fear, sleepwalking and courage. We wear our masks of beggar, thief, doctor, lawyer, Kabbalah chief and our masks of the religion or culture we clothe ourselves in.


The great spiritual teacher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin chose only this: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience—we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


Must we reject that we are human beings having a spiritual experience or can we embrace that we are both masks and spirit? Through her studies at Kabbalah Experience, Rebecca has integrated the teaching of the Tree of Life—a spiritual map that guides us to experience spirit awakening to our humanness as well as humanness awakening to spirit. The flow goes both ways. We are therefore no less (or lesser because) humans on a spiritual journey than spirituals on a human journey.


Moonlight, both revealed and masked, led me to the following stanza of the Bob Dylan song by that name:


The trailing moss in mystico, the purple blossom soft as snow
My tears keep flowing to the sea
Doctor, lawyer, indian chief, it takes a thief to catch a thief
For whom does the bell toll for, love?
It tolls for you and me.


Rebecca said it best: “Reveal your love and light for that is what you are.” This and that—love and light revealed through our humanness (mask) and spirit (soul).



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