Orchestrating Change

Awareness principle four: Live by setting intention. Be open to possibility—one door closing opens another. Measure success by effort not by outcome.


In the Tree of Life this awareness principle is connected with the Sefirah energy called Netzach-Hebrew for the words Victory and Orchestration.


Sometimes victory, such as the young shepherd boy David, felling Goliath with a single stone, can be accomplished by a courageous individual. Sometimes victory, such as the Parkland students’ taking on the goliath gun lobby, will be orchestrated by many and bring together millions of voices.


Shaken by trauma, the students from Parkland set an intention that the murder of their fellow classmates would not just be another blood-soaked stain added to the litany of school shootings. Shaken but not silenced, shaken and stirred to set in motion demands for changes in gun access. They speak and use social media individually to keep the pressure on, but acted as a unit to orchestrate a massive protest and collectively they vow to not rest until change occurs that will (and would have) saved lives.


Netzach energy is about overcoming obstacles and seeking an outcome. What is meant by measuring “success by effort” and not by outcome is aiming for a goal while recognizing that it may not be realized right away or that it will need to be finished by others.


What we do have control over is our intention and effort. The Parkland students, many of whom honed their skills in Debate Club, are not backing down—they know both sides of an argument and can therefore articulate the possibility for a more reasoned approach to the freedom to bear arms alongside the freedom to go to about your school day without the fear of deadly weapons of mass


These are the 9 things that the Parkland students want government to do:

  1. Ban semi-automatic weapons that fire high-velocity rounds.
  2. Ban accessories that simulate automatic weapons.
  3. Establish a database of gun sales and universal background checks.
  4. Change privacy laws to allow mental healthcare providers to communicate with law enforcement.
  5. Close gun show and secondhand sales loopholes.
  6. Allow the CDC to make recommendations for gun reform.
  7. Raise the firearm purchase age to 21
  8. Dedicate more funds to mental health research and professionals.
  9. Increase funding for school security

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  1. David, I liked what you wrote!The young people in our country are persistent, and will make the laws change on guns! Certainly the congress will do nothing! What a disgusting group! They just don’t care! But we must move forward, and do not be afraid! Thanks, Myra Rieger

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