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Passover and Counting of the Omer


(Week 1: 7 weeks plus an additional day—the 50th –which is the holiday of Shavuot)

The week prior to Passover is a time for reflection about what we can and want to change.
In terms of the Sefirot we are in the higher realms of the Sefirot (the upper Sefirot which include Keter-Da’at, Chochmah and Binah).
This is a week to open ourselves up to seeing our lives from a higher perspective—to release ourselves from the confines of who we think we are and where our capabilities can extend.
In order to do so we need to “get rid” of those leavening products—the negative emotions and negative self-perceptions that keep us confined and constricted inside the exile (bondage) of slavery.
The Passover Seder night is a night for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company, enjoy the traditional foods AND to engage in spiritual work. It is a night(s) for rebirth—a commitment to invent ourselves anew either in a big way or through taking on a.
Although we are working toward a change it is best to start with the end in mind and therefore start with how the change will have you “look different.” It is often the manifest change that helps us see clearly what lies behind the status quo of who we perceive ourselves to be.

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