Pause. Adventure. Change.

by Melanie Gruenwald

I’ve been reflecting on the value of pause, adventure and a change in scenery.


My 14-year-old son has become an avid cyclist, and I try to keep in shape so I can take on miles with him. I love to ride with him, with my husband, and with anyone who will accompany me, exploring the trail systems throughout Denver.

When I ride solo, I don’t wear ear buds, as a safety measure— and also I value the meditative practice of cycling alone. I notice my pedaling, my breath, the birds, the people, the environs. I think about people and things. I pay attention to what’s happening around me.


Salomon, Hannah and I are on vacation this week, while Micah is at camp. (Don’t worry- He’ll have his own ‘experience’ later in the summer).

I’m looking forward to the possibility that comes with greater space in our days and our lives to focus on one another, Hannah’s interests, and the ‘awakening’ that comes with being in a new environment.


Time and Space. We float through both. Sometimes we experience life with mindfulness, intention, and heightened awareness. Sometimes we push through each day with blinders on our eyes. Vacations (and solo bike rides!) give us the opportunity to live more expansively and to shake our brains awake. We pay more attention, we notice more. Everything feels new and unfamiliar.

When we wander through new paths, neighborhoods and cities, we have the opportunity to discover. And, hopefully, in getting a little bit lost, we might find ourselves once again.

I hope you can take some time this summer to re-center and re-connect with yourself and with loved ones.

Get a little lost. Let me know how it goes.




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