Seeking You

“Seek and you shall find what you seek is seeking you.”

Common to stories such as The Treasure Under the Bridge (Rebbe Nachman), The Alchemist (Paul Coelho) and The Wizard of OZ (Frank Baum) is coming to find that what is sought after is already there—already present but just unseen. The heroine or hero could have known it all along but it is their journey that reveals the “treasure” buried within.

When I started out on a journey last April to find a new home for Kabbalah Experience I would never have thought that we would end up on South Syracuse Way Unit 10. This is how it happened:

For the past 10 years KE has co-located at two area synagogues (Kohelet and Hebrew Educational Alliance) so the first plan was to find another similar arrangement. Plan A, Plan B and Plan C did not work. As we were open to co-locating with any organization (not necessarily a Jewish one) I serendipitously came across the Shambhala Center of Denver located on South Syracuse Way. Their website revealed a schedule that might be a perfect match—they had early morning and late evening classes, the opposite of our class schedule. It was nighttime when I came to check out the place; I was welcomed warmly and there was even a suggestion that this might be a good fit for both organizations. I left with some optimism (perhaps this was a good fit) though I also had a gut feeling that it was not the right place for KE (the least of which was the similar sound of Kabbalah and Shambhala).

While we were waiting to hear back from the folks at Shambhala, Bonnie Houghton, KE student and on the KE staff for the summer, went to check out the location and reported back: “Are you aware that the unit directly below Shambhala is vacant and for rent?” I had not seen the large For Rent sign in the dark and not noticed the empty office space.

Unit #10 was indeed available. It was the right size, the right layout and a place that could be “our own.” Kelly Greene, our pro bono commercial real estate agent, called it a miracle find.

The new location reflects seeking beyond the comfort zone, seeking beyond Jewish, seeking beyond co-locating. When “what you seek is seeking you” Unit #10 at 2305 South Syracuse Way, directly underneath the Shambhala Center, manifests. It was vacant for 2 years. Now it will be filled with our study, a place for our community to call home.

Looking forward to seeing you at the grand opening of the NEW KE, Thursday September 24th at 6 pm and for our Free Fall Festival the week of October 5th as a prelude to our fall semester October 12-December 17th. Please register on our website for these upcoming events and classes.



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