Smorgasbord of Metaphors

“I love the morning after, the leftovers, just you and the leftovers.”  In describing the metaphors of his life –‘my relationship with food’-Denver Post food critic Tucker Shaw kept returning to the theme of leftovers.  At his Kabbalah Live talk last week, he revealed that leftovers were the bond between him and his beloved cook, his grandfather.  On Sunday mornings they would feast together on all the leftovers his grandfather cooked during the week.

Till today, “wherever I eat out, I bring home my leftovers.”  That accounts for a lot of leftovers, as Tucker eats out a lot.  For Tucker, getting up in the morning and heading to the fridge is a sacred pilgrimage, a time when, “God sees you as you really are.”

In exploring our theme this year of the ‘metaphors of our lives’, Tucker reflected on a smorgasbord of metaphors, but none to me more poignant than ‘leftovers’.  Nowadays he focuses as much on the food, its taste, presentation and the ambiance of the restaurant as what he will get to take home and put in the fridge.  Dining in (on leftovers) is a time to be in touch with the man that nourished him.

For each of us, we can reflect on our relationship with food and that is the opportunity of the upcoming Tu B’Shevat Seder (next Wednesday night at 6:45).  We will provide leftovers, but the main course is being there.

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  1. Tucker used dining as a metaphor for touching others, as well as visiting a place of focus when he dined alone.

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