Time Streaming Series

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Kabbalah Experience Legacy Series


Level 1, Course 3: Time: Living in the Present Moment

Do you understand time? It is not the seconds and minutes ticking by, or the days, weeks and years we live by—all of those are how we measure time. What then is the dimension of time that has so fascinated the inquiry of scientist and spiritual seeker? This Kabbalistic detective story unveils the greatest unseen reality: time and the present moment, experience it in the eternity of an eye-blink.

5 Streaming Video Classes

  1. Introduction: When Are You? (2:46)
  2. Class One: Our Relationship to the Past and Procrastination (20:06)
  3. Class Two: Sanctifying Time and Counting Up (17:34)
  4. Class Three: Living in the Present Moment (13:28)
  5. Class Four: The Dimension of Time (23:38)
  6. Postscript: The Sands of Time Meditation (2:12)