Transforming Darkness to Light

Mind is the Master
Power that molds and makes
And Man is Mind
And evermore he takes
The tool of Thought
Shaping what he wills
Brings forth a thousand joys
A thousand ills

James Allen begins his book, “As Man Thinketh” with this poem—setting the stage for an understanding of the Kabbalah principle of how we are reflected in the mirror of our own making—how “I am reflected in the life I live.” I was introduced to this book by Clarence Moses-El over coffee at Einstein’s Bagels last week. Moses-El was released from prison after 28 years, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, for a “crime he never done.” I was meeting him with a common friend and long-time KE student, Robin Glickstein. Moses-El did not have a Dylan song written for him but his cause was no less righteous than the Hurricane—and his false imprisonment was eight years longer than that of Rubin Carter. Robin, among many others, was an advocate for Moses-El. He needed many advocates to balance his “thousand ills with a thousand joys.”

As I sat across from Moses-El, I did not see even a flicker of the shadowy darkness of imprisonment—he was free not just from the physical cell and the societal cell—he was free of recrimination, free of vengeance, free to live life, to find and express joy and to share wisdom from his years before he went to prison, from his years while in prison and now, from his seat at Einstein’s bagels. As a Man Thinketh was a book Moses-El had read when he was 17, many years before he was falsely accused of raping and severely beating a woman. His is not a story of finding God, or direction, or peace in jail—he was investigating the world religions at a young age, seeking God, seeking direction and truth and wanting to find peace.

Moses-El will share with us his journey—from darkness to light–at the Evening of Jewish Mysticism at Mile Hi Church on Sunday February 19th. I have been blessed to study with world renowned teachers, to have the gift of being in the presence of well-known holy women and men. I am moved most by the encounters with people who have endured, whose spirits soar in spite of their suffering, whose flame flickers on to bring light to the shadows of man’s inhumanity to man.

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  1. Hi David! I plan to attend on Feb 19. Don’t know if you remember, but I doubted Hurricane’s innocence. 28 years! People have gotten less time for murder! Looking forward to this and hope you will be there also
    Hedy Anselman

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