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Urgent Gratitude.

Summertime is in the air. As we wrap up our fiscal year, I would like to formally express our gratitude to you- the students, supporters, and community of Kabbalah Experience. We had an amazing year.

In 2022/2023, Kabbalah Experience:
  • Provided support to the Afghan refugee family that our Welcome Circle settled in Denver (March 2022)
  • Celebrated our Mile Chai 18th anniversary on June 1
  • Launched the Time Self-Study Series
  • Introduced monthly New Moon Sound Bath Meditations
  • KE ran 44 live-study classes, reaching 340 students
  • Weekly ongoing free classes engaged 937 individuals
  • One-time Free Intro classes engaged 423 individuals this year.
  • KE provided over $5000 in scholarships and class discounts
  • We taught classes for Institute for Jewish Spirituality, ALEPH, Intro to Judaism, Tifereth Israel (Iowa) and a variety of other local and national organizations.
  • Graduated our first cohort of Rosenbaum Fellows in Transformative Kabbalah, and launched Cohort 2. Applications for Cohort 3 are currently open!
  • Partnered with Keshet to be more pro-active and forward facing in our LGBTQIA+ inclusivity and policies
  • Completed UpStart Lab‘s Early Stage Learning Modules, clarifying our ‘why’, ‘who’ and ‘how’
  • KE engaged in Strategic Planning and Theory of Change work with outside consultant, Emily Sterling (generously supported by Rose Community Foundation) developing a map for the future of the organization
Enjoy this video which reflects our community and the impact we make.
None of this work would be possible without you. 
So why urgent gratitude?
Our gratitude is immense, and so is our sense of urgency.
In kabbalah, we talk about words as metaphors- In Hebrew, the word שפה (pronounced: safah) is likened to our lips and to the shoreline. It is a place of crossing over from the inner world to the outer.  As we approach the end of this fiscal year- it is a  period of transition for Kabbalah Experience. We hope to approach our new fiscal year from a place of strength.
We hope you  take the opportunity support Kabbalah Experience.
We are counting on end of year donations (before June 30) to help us wrap up this fiscal year.
Support Kabbalah Experience in Transforming individuals. Transforming communities. Transforming the world.
We know we are making progress on our vision because we see evidence that, through engagement with Kabbalah Experience
  • Individuals have greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding and knowing of their connection to others.
  • Participants are able to develop new perspectives, create new stories, see new options, and make conscious choices.
  • Participants take greater responsibility for themselves, their communities, and the world – and feel empowered to engage in improving the world.

Have you been touched by KE? Please consider a year-end donation today:

Every gift makes a difference.
Thank you for your consideration.

PS I know you dread receiving solicitations as much as I dread sending them– but we need your support today. And I wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need it.


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