Basking in the Glow of a Newborn

Picture 4There are many opportunities to look deep into one’s own essence. Challenging situations such as a life threatening illness can cause us to heightening our awareness (Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight is one among many).  Joy is also a wonderful opportunity for heightened awareness.  As I watched the birth of my daughters I almost lost consciousness. Not from the sight of blood, though I am certainly squeamish, but it was from the ecstasy of seeing a life emerge into this world.

What reflects us? What reflects ourselves back to ourselves? The more blank the screen into which one stares or contemplates allows the self to emerge clearer.  Looking into a baby’s eyes, this fragile unknown entity, makes me reflect on how her life will unfold, emerge and of course be influenced by a myriad of experiences (including the experience of me).  If my daughters are so new and impressionable, what about me? What about you?


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