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Melanie Gruenwald

So many times, we experience life, thinking “I’ll feel better when… ”I’ll feel calmer when…” “I’ll feel less anxious when….”

And “when” comes, and we’re all still feeling a bit muddled… what is going on?

My first thought is the  need to take more deep breaths and hydrate. We need to get out in the sunshine, masked of course, and make sure we get our steps in. Self-care.

And yet, life still feels pretty stuck. We are facing COVID fatigue, and the possibility of holidays physically alone. When we initially shut down due to the pandemic back in March, we imagined it would be a few weeks . Then it turned into months and now, it feels somewhat endless and defeating. It’s hard.

There are days I sense this feeling of defeat. I look to our school, our teachers and students, to find meaning, lessons, and purpose. I try to practice and manifest awareness.

Here is what is coming up for me today- connection, opportunity, and hope.

Eleven Awareness Practices of Kabbalah Experience by David Sanders

Integrated with a Walking Meditation by Thích Nhất Hạnh



Attend to what shows up as a reflection of what you need to learn and grow into.



Be fully present to what is present and integrate past and future into this moment.



Accept reality as it is. Let go of regrets and resentments and be grateful.



Set intention and overcome obstacles and remain open to possibility.



Hold opposites. Be compassionate, find common ground and seek forgiveness.



Set boundaries for greater focus and intimacy for yourself and in relationships.



Expand your concern, caring and love for all who exist in the ecosphere.



Recognize all the masks you wear so they don’t wear you.



Understand the metaphors that underlie your stories and life choices.



Witness the creation of story from no-thingness and release your attachments.



No more questions. No more answers. Being is wordless.


Please join us for meaningful connection as we enter the holiday season. We look forward to practicing together and staying with our awareness and breath.



PS Thank you to Ginny for sharing this meditation and inspiration


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  1. Thank you Melanie – this is beautiful. You have a wonderful way of combining teachings, making them so much fuller from all directions.

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