It’s Time to Change

It’s time to change. So move your clocks forward one hour this coming Saturday night. As you move the clock forward, your fire department encourages you to change batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Your Kabbalah department encourages you to examine your relationship with time. Is it possible to lose an hour? Move one hour closer to death?

Losing (or gaining) time is a matter of convention.  Changing your relationship with time is a soul matter.  So when we spring forward it is just a matter of time that our spring semester begins.  We will be learning about time and also there will be some exciting opportunities for new learning this spring.

It is time. Stephen Kapnik and Dr. Anne Goldberg will be teaching the Soul classes this spring. Both Anne and Stephen have completed the two year KE Teacher’s Institute and bring their unique teaching talents to our beginning students.  We also welcome Dr. Lorell Frysh who will be co-teaching with me a special class on Kabbalah and Buddhism. And if you haven’t already, attend In Tune with Time, a monthly women’s class with Teena Slatkin.

One guarantee from me is: Change. We will be moving forward while the present moment is in-sight.

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