Live, learn, connect with the enduring teachings & wisdom of Kabbalah.

Small group learning, self study, and greater awareness.

What our curriculum looks like

No class will ever be exactly the same, and the inclusive environment allows for open conversations in intimate class atmospheres. The teachings, practices and guidance help students mindfully live and grow in their everyday lives.


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Kabbalah Experience inspires people to connect with themselves in greater awareness through a curriculum of the soul- to examine who they are and how they can be creative forces in the evolution of consciousness.

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Melanie G TikTok Vlog

Melanie’s Blog: Podcasts, Books and TikTok

by Melanie GruenwaldThe spring weather in Denver has inspired me to ​walk to work as much as possible. It gives me time to get some steps in and listen to interesting podcasts.This week, I was inspired by two podcasts-  Micah Goodman’s interview on the Times of Israel, and Ezra Klein Show-

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Humble Warriors

Humble Warriors

by Dr. David Sanders To keep months aligned with the earth’s rotation around the sun, an extra day was added in the Gregorian calendar every four years to February, the month with the least number of days. A larger discrepancy between a yearlong calculation of lunar months and the earth’s

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connecting at woolworth storefront greensboro ga

Connecting at Woolworth’s

by Melanie Gruenwald   On Monday, I stepped into an Uber in North Carolina, with a lovely driver who was warm and welcoming. I am on my first business trip since 2015—with great anticipation and also a little bit of jitters. The driver was telling me about his work. He

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