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Small group learning, self study, and greater awareness.

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No class will ever be exactly the same, and the inclusive environment allows for open conversations in intimate class atmospheres. The teachings, practices and guidance help students mindfully live and grow in their everyday lives.


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Kabbalah Experience inspires people to connect with themselves in greater awareness through a curriculum of the soul- to examine who they are and how they can be creative forces in the evolution of consciousness.

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In the Image of the Cosmos

by Dr. David Sanders A story is told of King Ptolemy of Alexandria (second century BCE) summoning many learned Jewish scholars to translate the Torah from Hebrew to Greek. He placed them in separate rooms to check on the veracity of their translations. When they came to the verse “Let

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illustration of mystical tree of life womb

Creativity in the Tree of Life

by Melanie Gruenwald This summer, I created and facilitated a course called  Isha al Achota, As a Woman Faces her Sister. It has been a wonderful process of discovery– exploring primary texts and contemporary voices, which bring alive the spirit and the energy of women in our tradition. I am

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Ken, Barbie, and the Tree of Life

by Dr. David Sanders On the insistence of my wife and daughters, I went to see Barbie. Barbie? Why? I knew more about that doll than them. My sister had Barbie dolls and at some point a Ken doll. Barbie was not part of the culture my wife grew up

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