Pass Over to Freedom Haggadah (PDF download)

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For 3,000 years Jews have kept a tradition alive in the spring commemorating the freeing of slaves from Egyptian bondage. It is called the Passover Seder. The order of the Seder is found in a Haggadah—the Passover Seder book. A story is told, songs are sung and special foods are eaten. The Seder, though, can be so much more…When seen through a spiritual lens, the Seder provides you an opportunity to experience a process of personal liberation from whatever holds you back, from whatever of your past keeps you captive. That is what we are attempting through this Haggadah: to pass over, pass through, innovate and move beyond. By transforming the meaning of these time-honored rituals, this experience becomes a vehicle for you to transform your life. How do we do it: We shift attention from literal story to metaphor, from ancient past others experienced to your present experience, and from external reality to the subtle workings of inner life.No prior experience with Egypt is required, though if you have seen the pyramids in person you may know that they were, like your personal path to freedom, not built in one day.

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