Practice in Consciousness

The sound of a door being closed consciously

I have been waiting for the ‘right time” to recommend to you an important practice in consciousness that we can all equally and easily participate in:

When entering and exiting Kabbalah Experience be mindful of opening and closing the door gently. The feedback loop to your consciousness is simple: it will be quiet if closed gently–otherwise, as is usual practice, it slams shut with a loud noise.

If you want to add another level of consciousness you can always say when entering or exiting our meditation: Dlayt Atar Panui Minei–there is no place empty of You or any other meditation that you use.

The placing of a Mezuzah on the doorpost is a reminder we are entering and exiting from public to private space (and vice a versa). Let us strive to do so gently and be aware of our presence and how it is felt.

David Sanders

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