The Masks We Wear

“Are you wearing the mask, or is the mask wearing you?”

In our second year course on Masks: Who are you?, we explore the many layers of masks we wear- in a sense of awareness and connection to our souls. We wear our given masks, and we wear masks we choose for ourselves. We wear physical, spiritual, and emotional masks. We wear the masks we were assigned as children, and perhaps we learn to adapt to new ones. We shed these masks as we take on new roles in our lives- professionals, parenting, grandparenting, retirement, and hobbies. We jump between masks, even in our day to day lives.

Now, more than ever, we are aware of the masks we wear, and those that our society has been told to put on. The COVID epidemic and protective masks have become a symbol of our time.

In the NY Times, recently, there was an article about the fashion trends and history around masks. I was struck by this line:

A lot is always made about the eyes being the window to the soul…. but the mouth is as important a guide to emotions. It’s part of how we read one another’s feelings. To obscure that can feel like a rebuke. (Full article at: (

How will we connect to one another in a world where we hide our facial expressions? We can’t smile at a stranger, or (god forbid!) shake their hand. We are learning new norms of connection, sending greetings, and blessings to one another.

Perhaps we will reach the point where wearing a mask will be seen, as it is in Asia, as a sign of care and a gesture of community. Where wearing a mask is not a sign of fear and difference, but of human commonality. (NY Times, 03/17/2020)

We are excited to share two Mask-related opportunities through KE, signs of care and gestures of community:

Masks: Who are you – Self-study streaming video now available

If you have had the opportunity to study at Kabbalah Experience, you know the power of the masks curriculum and a deepening understanding of the masks we wear. We are thrilled to share that this curriculum is now online, our third in the self-streaming video series. (We are offering a special rate of $19.99 until May 1!)


The Masks Project

As we have seen, caregivers and most vulnerable populations are in need of physical masks, and this extra added level of protection. Drs. Anne and Mel Wernimont, longtime students at Kabbalah Experience (and Mel is former Board Chair), have helped us to launch an initiative to serve and connect our community–The Masks Project.

 As we deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness of life, Kabbalah Experience invites you to join us in this initiative.

Kabbalah Experience will directly donate every dollar raised to a local manufacturer, who is producing masks for Shalom Park residents and caregivers, and other frontline service providers in our community. By donating through KE, you will have the benefit of a tax deduction, and knowing that you are making a difference for our most vulnerable populations.

 Through this initiative, we can provide thousands of masks to residents and caregivers.

And one person at a time, heal and protect this world.

Wishing you and our community increased healing and connection during this time.







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Sheila sasson · April 15, 2020 at 4:55 am

Sounds so interesting!!

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