The Stream of Conscious Living

I was met with a blank stare. It was early morning and there wasn’t anyone else in the store. I placed my black boxed eggs on the counter and explained it was for those students completing the Human Narrative class. The eyes told me—if you want to change the way we treat animals, chickens in this case, why give out any eggs, why not just stop eating eggs?

She was in her way espousing an upstream solution.

The single largest use of plastic is single use packaging (think of bottled water). In two years, Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze, through their company 4oceans have extracted from the oceans of our world over 2,000 tons of plastic and converted much of it into over a million plastic bracelets.  The plastic their teams remove are all found downstream.

What would be an upstream solution? Stop the use of plastic?

Sadly, as humans, we don’t see the problem until it is too large or too damaging. There will be those who can commit to not eating eggs or using plastic and others, whose awareness leads them to live in greater harmony within the ecosphere by working on solutions that are neither downstream or upstream. There are midstream changes we can and need to make that will greatly impact our planet, our fellow creatures and our humanity.

Working with Hazon Colorado we distributed again this year pasture raised eggs. We are also converting all of our plasticware to biodegradable products. When it comes to the problems we humans have created for the environment we need to jump in—up, down or mid, get onto the stream of more conscious living.

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