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Maimonides in his Code of Jewish Law provides an interesting image of the world teetering on a balance beam of existence–awaiting the very next human act (meaning your very next act) to either plummet it into oblivion or move it forward in its evolution (Laws of Repentance 3:4)


A little over 10 years ago, a dear friend of mine, Ryan Kramer, approached me with a simple request. “Would you be interested in teaching again?” I had stopped teaching a few years earlier to pursue a business venture and was happy to hear that my teaching was missed—though I quickly asked him, “What do you have in mind?” Soon afterward we began to study Kabbalah—four men at 7:30 a.m. of Thursdays—every Thursday. That class met for six years. Ryan’s request that fall day in 2003, his “next act” has led to the creation of Kabbalah Experience—600 students later, a diverse faculty of teachers and an ever evolving curriculum and community.


It is Ryan’s birthday this week. So, I want to send out a birthday wish. Whatever your next act is Ryan, may you always be aware of the world in balance and the power of one good suggestion or one good deed.


If you have any questions about the power of one’s next action please click immediately on the following link:


It is entitled, “Israel and Iran- A Love Story”. Graphic designer Ronny Edry posts a single image on Facebook and now, after less than six months, over 2 million have left messages.


What is your next act?


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Kristy Brenner · January 23, 2013 at 10:15 pm

I responded immediately to your opening paragraph. I immediately thought that taking a moment to notice the potential consequences of any act could be a wonderful new way to practice mindfulness.

Then I clicked on the link you included.

I can’t describe how very much I needed to see this video. After a miserable year of vicious political campaigning, and the shock and horror of so many senseless shootings, this man’s act, his commitment to pursuing its blossoming, and the heartfelt responses of so many people around the world broke open the cloud of despair that has been gathering around me.

Thank you so much for passing on this light- and hope-filled treat.

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