The Power of One

gatoradeHighlighting the amazing peace initiative by Ronny Edry last week had its own viral response by you. His story continued to spread throughout the United States via your contacts and friends. A principle of Kabbalah is at work: one small flame can serve to light up the darkness.


This past week a virus has been running its course through our family (thankfully I avoided its message). Viruses are intelligent by design. A metaphoric seed has been planted for me – to create change go viral.


This is what Sarah Kavanagh did when she heard a report about the ill effects of BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil), an ingredient in her favorite drink—Gatorade. Pepsico was not initially responsive to a 15 year old’s letter—but this large corporation began to respond when Sarah started an online campaign lobbying the company to change their formula and remove BVO. Pepsico took note as Sarah’s petition drew over 200,000 signatures and then acquiesced and committed to remove BVO. Corporations, like big tanker ships, turn slowly—so Pepsico is not recalling Gatorade with BVO—new bottles of Gatorade will no longer include BVO.


I wrote a while back about the need to address some of the underlying issues that promote violence in our nation. I did act by sending a letter to my representative in congress—but she, as many others is focused on gun control. No doubt that issue needs to be addressed and as soon as possible. I am proposing an initiative to curb the ever increasing onslaught of uninvited violent images that young children see on television, in the movies and now—on the internet.


When do these uninvited images enter our children’s consciousness? When they are inserted into program content as commercials. Trailers for movies that are violent are the most prevalent culprit. Your child (with you sitting by or not) will be assaulted by these violent and at times terrifying images—and the solution is not to close our children’s eyes. My proposal is simple: mandate a rating system for commercials that parallels the rating of the television, movie or internet content. This will cost advertisers a huge amount—commercials will need to be reviewed and given a rating. Will there be resistance? Of course. But there is a precedent. How receptive do you think television (and before that movie) producers were to the idea that there is a rating system for their shows?


If you agree—then add your name to the online petition. Let’s use the power of one—a power so ably demonstrated by Sarah and Ronny to call attention and create a change on responsible advertising. Closing our eyes, or our children’s eyes is not the solution.


P.S. To learn more about BVO and Sarah’s story please click here.



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