The Intimate Picture

Louis Kahn, the great American architect, died in 1974 in a washroom at Penn Station. He was alone when his heart gave out. His only son, Nathan was eleven. A …


Holding Your Opposite

Marilyn Van Derbur Atler

Which is it—grey or gray? Isn’t it fitting that there isn’t a black and white answer. Turns out they are both acceptable ways to spell my favorite color. Gray is …


Orchestrating Change

Awareness principle four: Live by setting intention. Be open to possibility—one door closing opens another. Measure success by effort not by outcome.   In the Tree of Life this awareness …


Accepting, Living, Surrendering

Accepting, Living, Surrendering KE Blog Stephen Hawking

The voice synthesizer fell silent, the screen turned black. The vast network of neurons in his brain, much like the stars in the sky at dawn, began to recede from …


If Not Now, When?


If it was simple to be (fully) present “now” would we need so much instruction on how to be in the moment?   Kabbalah places our relationship to time at …


Objects in the Mirror

Over the next 11 blog posts, we will look at one of the 11 principles of awareness, which we link with the Sefirot of the Tree of Life. We start …


A Broken Halleluyah


Rabbi Koby Gruenwald z”l died this past Friday, January 19, survived by his father and mother, sister and brother. His bereft congregation and community mourned his loss this past Sunday. …